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With the IEC 60320 C19 style socket gaining in popularity there is now a real choice in IEC 60320 connectors for power distribution units. Below are details of the two common styles of IEC 60320 connectors.
IEC320 C!3 IEC 60320 C13 Socket 10A
IEC 60320 C14 Plug 10A

Commonly referred to as just IEC 320 and was also called CEE 22. It is the most widely used of the IEC type connectors and is rated at 10 amps. The full reference for the socket is IEC 60320 C13 and the plug (and panel inlet) as IEC 60320 C14.

It is sometimes referred to as a 'kettle' type connector. This is not strictly accurate as 'kettle' type connectors are rated for a higher operating temperature and have an additional indentation so that a standard IEC 60320 C14 plug cannot be inserted.

IEC320 C19 IEC 60320 C19 Socket 16A
IEC 60320 C20 Plug 16A

A more recent addition to the IEC 60320 family of connectors, it is physically slightly larger and rated to 16A. It is not inter-connectable with the IEC 60320 C13/C14 type of connector.

It is easy to tell the C19/C20 16A apart from the C13/C14 10A connector.

The C19/C20 connectors are a rectangular shape with slightly rounded corners and the pins are horizontally mounted parallel to the longer sides of the connector.

The C13/C14 connectors are six sided (a rectangle with the top corners bevelled off) and the pins are vertical mounted parallel to the shorter sides. 

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